Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kissing TIps and Techniques

Relationships in general, are based on, a strong physical attraction, a solid emotional connection, shared interests, partners taking care of each other and loads of kissing. Studies have shown when partners kiss each other, the saliva in the mouth reduces tooth decay, while washing away food particles, that are lodged in our teeth. Moreover, researchers have determined that twenty nine muscles in the face, need to work together, when performing a French kiss, while the lips are at least, one hundred times more sensitive, than our finger tips and our heart rate increases, to one hundred beats per minute, during a kiss. In this article, we will discuss kissing tips and techniques that you may not know.

An average woman usually kisses seventy nine different men, before walking down the aisle. Statistically speaking , a lot of women tend to prefer, uniformed men. For example, 39% of women like to kiss members of the armed forces, while 27% of women surveyed, would kiss an accountant.

An average kiss, burns about 3 calories and so marathon sessions, do have special advantages. Attempting to ascertain, when the circumstances are favorable, for men to kiss women, is absolutely critical. However, many men, tend to miss all the telltale signs and usually find themselves in a lot of trouble or worse, make a poor impression, especially on a first date.

Closely observing your partner’s behavior, their general mood, picking up on subtle hints, may require a little bit of concentration, but in the end, the reward is always worth it.

Men, as a general rule, should first examine what their future girlfriend’s feelings and thoughts are, with regards to them. Whether she feels the same way as you do, about pursuing the kind of relationship, you’re interested in, or if she’s open to be kissed, without asking for permission. Some women regard trust, as an essential component in any relationship and as such, will not engage in kissing or anything else, until they’re comfortable with the person they’re dating. In other words, a woman who’s not willing to invite you to her home, after you’ve dated for a while, introduce you to her friends, go to the beach for the weekend, is not comfortable spending time with you, unless there’s a third party present, are indications, that you need to adjust your pace to hers.

Additionally, a woman who maintains direct contact, touches her hair, crosses her legs toward you, smiles a lot, tilts her head, wants to talk in a more private, quiet setting, her face is very close to yours when speaking to you, is very much at ease with you and is now seriously considering, the possibility of being kissed. Some would argue, that a relationship is exclusively defined, by a series of special moments and kissing for the first time or when the situation calls for it, will never be forgotten. Therefore, seizing the moment and kissing her, when it feels just right, will make a long and lasting impression.

Of course, knowing how to kiss your partner, is crucial, but just like anything else in life, it requires practice. If men are not confident or question their abilities in this area, then the kiss itself, will most likely, be less than adequate. It’s advisable, to ask an objective, trustworthy friend of the opposite sex, to categorize your kissing skills, read a book on the topic or posted user comments on the Internet, watching an online video demonstration, may save you, from any potential embarrassment.

However, being comfortable, is critical and adjusting your overall technique to your partner’s and is the absolute most important kissing tips and technique that you will ever know. By mastering this, you will go a long way in establishing a smooth kissing rhythm.  Now, get smooching!

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