Sunday, July 21, 2013

Review of Kissing 101 - The Ultimate Kissing Guide

How do you not know how to kiss, right? Shouldn’t it be instinctual? Well, I knew how to kiss, but not how to kiss well. In fact, I was totally oblivious to this until I ended a relationship with my girlfriend of a year. She informed me that she’d never liked how I kissed, and that I needed to take lessons. I assumed she was just saying pointless things, but when I repeated the things she’d said to my best pal, he replied with, “Dude. Jillian said that too.”

Jillian was another ex-girlfriend. This made the accusation a little bit more painful. I couldn’t believe I’d been a bad kisser and no one ever told me. I’d been walking around with confidence in that department, but it got seriously shot down. I found Kissing 101 during one of my secret online searches and decided to give it a try. The price is very affordable, and apparently the information couldn’t hurt.

So, I purchased Kissing 101. The first thing I noticed was the illustrations – wow, what a wonderful way to make sure the point is understood. It made it so much easier for me to ‘get’ these tips. Also, I learned precisely what I’d been doing wrong all this time. In addition to being a bad kisser, it turned out I wasn’t very good at reading the body language of the girls I’d been kissing. I soaked up the information, eagerly awaiting my chances to test it out.

The time came when my ex-girlfriend came to get a box of her belongings from my apartment. She told me how she missed me and wished we could work things out. Bam. I laid one on her and used all the tips I’d gained from the Kissing 101 book. It started out innocently, but halfway through the kiss, she pulled back to stare at me, as if she had no idea where the new talent was coming from. Then, the kiss progressed and became much more than that.

What I didn’t expect was that she wouldn’t be able to stop kissing me. We are back together now, and it has become her favorite activity, it seems.  I highly recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t know how to kiss properly, anyone who has been told they’re not a good kisser, or anyone who has never kissed a girl and wants to make sure they get it right the first time. It has worked wonders .

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Friday, November 19, 2010

How to Make a Girl Kiss You

Kissing a girl is one thing, but receiving a kiss from a girl is another thing. In fact, men always would like to receive a kiss from the girl they are mad about but wonder how to do it. They do not understand how to approach that girl who they really care about and receive that kiss that will become the sweetest moment of their day. Receiving a kiss from a girl is not difficult, but is important that you know how to handle the situation which will make you a winner at the end. After all, getting a kiss from the girl you like is nothing less than a win.

Following the right techniques and tips will definitely help you to attain your goal of getting a kiss from your loved one. Girls like only well-kept and smart boys and if you are not clean enough, then kiss good bye to all your dreams of getting that kiss. Always appear clean and dress well in decent clothes but not too funky ones which will disturb your entire image. Chapped lips are a great put-off and your chances of getting a kiss with chapped lips drops to zero, so make sure that your lips are not chapped if you are expecting a hot kiss. Do not smoke when you are going to meet the girl because the smoke smell is a great disturbance. Remember to use mint and not gums to refresh your breath. Use a good deodorant but do not overuse it as then you will smell like a deodorant shop which is too strong for a girl. Always keep a good eye contact with your girl and be confident and always remember to take the first step.

When you have finished your first kiss, do not turn away at that instant, wipe her lower lips, look at her and smile your naughtiest smile and nudge her, if she would like to go in for a second one. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kissing Techniques for Women

Love pours out in the form of kisses and there is no better feeling than kissing your loved one. The experience and moment of kissing will always be cherished by you and each time you kiss, you can show varying intensities of your passion. Never allow monotony to set in your kissing as this will also lead to monotony in your relationship. You cannot expect your relationship to grow if you do not improve on your kissing. You can make your kissing time better by following simple tips and techniques.

Woman likes to be kissed and admired and for her a kiss is more than a physical intimate gesture. In fact, she remembers her first kiss for the rest of our life and while her partner might forget about it, she can never forget the mind-blowing sensation which she felt during her first kiss. Always surprise your partner while kissing. Include newer techniques which will bestow her amazing pleasure of being unique and special and being the queen of your heart. A woman always needs to know whether she is the most important part of her lover’s life and your kisses can act as a way to make her understand that you truly care for her. A kiss cannot be well-planned all the time, spontaneous kisses has its own meaning in our lives, but when you try to give your partner a wonderful time, a kiss has its own place in your relationship. Always be clean and make sure you do not sweat when you are so close to your partner. Not only concentrate on her lips, surprise her by kissing on her neck and near her ear lobes and gently kiss even on her eyes and nose which will give a playful tone to your togetherness.

Playing with your tongue will also provide a new sensation during your kissing time but make sure you do not force feed your tongue into her mouth.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Best Way to Kiss a Girl

We all feel that kiss is a natural instinct which is hidden in all of us but unfortunately that is not true. All of us have our own way of kissing and each of our requirements is different. Girls have their own special demands about kissing and to make your girlfriend or partner feel special, it is important to learn the best ways of kissing a girl. Unfortunately, men do not take kissing to be an important aspect but a girl can open up to a man by the way he kisses and can feel relaxed and at ease.

It is a shame that men do not want to or try to explore the fine art of kissing which is one of the major concerns of women. You need to make your girl comfortable and ready for your kiss and you can achieve this by gently stroking the skin around her neck and ears and you can play with her hair. Feeling special and loved makes a woman to open up and she also looks forward to the special moment. Make sure that you can activate her sensations which will kind of explode when you deliver that kiss. Stroking plays a pivotal role in this matter. Once you feel that you have made her ready for the kiss, caress her face and gently stroke her cheeks which makes her feel that you are slowly guiding her into you. When you face reach her, she will reach up to you or smile or close her eyes which confirms that she is ready for her magic kiss. At that time put your 90% emotions and the rest of the 10% efforts she will put in to make it an everlasting experience.

All women fantasize of how they want to be kissed so if you plan to make it more than a kiss with any woman, make sure that you make an amazing impression with your kiss. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Kissing Advice

Kissing Advice

Although we all know that kissing is a natural instinct yet, we cannot expect us to be good kissers as soon as we start with it. Practice makes kissing better and better and it is important to understand your partner’s likes and dislikes which aids in making kissing a fruitful, relishing experience. Kissing is one of the initial factors which help in deciding if it is important to develop the relationship or not. In short, kissing can make or break a relationship. However, if the partners find that there is no compatibility during kissing then it leaves for both the partners to decide if they would like to keep the relationship or not.

Guys and girls have different notions regarding kissing and the body language of both of these people are different during kissing. A romantic kiss is all we look forward to at the end of the day and a beautiful kiss actually marks the beginning of a long relationship. Many a times you need not have to prepare yourself for the kiss because a spontaneous one can really add the spark in your relationship. However, a very personal intimate kiss which is performed in privacy can totally ignite the sparks in your relationship. Each of us needs a lot of practice before we get the tag of a good kisser. Also, remember that your wants and your partner’s want can be different. A passionate kiss does not mean you need to be rough and aggressive. An aggressive kiss will be liked at certain times; however, you can go for soft, sweet kisses and can prolong it for longer periods which can raise the intensity of your passion.

A kiss is the stepping-stone to a lasting relationship and you can certainly enjoy a great relationship by understanding the tricks of kissing and employing the same in your relationship. 

Kissing Tips for Girls

A kiss is an underlying emotion and it is the strong base which leads to other romantic affections and feelings of intimacy. Actually, to be tagged as a good kisser is a sweet title which actually reflects on the passion and personality of the individual and like other things in life, this act of showing love gets better and better with more and more intense practice. As men and women are different in every aspect of life so is their attitude about kissing. In fact, both these categories of people kiss on different occasions. For instance, a woman kisses on her own self when she is crushed with feelings and emotions. On the other hand, a man kisses when the emotion of passion gets stronger in them.

There are certain points which a girl is supposed to always remember when she decides to kiss her guy. Make sure that you do not smell bad. There is something about body odors which puts off every person and when you go near your love for an intimate moment, it is important that you are free from all nasty odors and smell pleasantly. It is important for a girl to always be nicely dressed for the occasion. A spontaneous kiss can be very memorable and thus it becomes significant that you look your best. Moisturizing your skin is important and make sure that your skin looks soft and supple. At the same time, your lips should also be adequately moisturized and giving color to your lips makes you more attractive as well. However, most of the guys shun dark lip colors so it is better that you use natural shades which is compatible to your skin and also makes you look natural than layered with make-up.

Kissing is one of the primary features to an intimate relationship and girls should know the right tips for kissing which would make the moment an everlasting one.