Sunday, July 21, 2013

Review of Kissing 101 - The Ultimate Kissing Guide

How do you not know how to kiss, right? Shouldn’t it be instinctual? Well, I knew how to kiss, but not how to kiss well. In fact, I was totally oblivious to this until I ended a relationship with my girlfriend of a year. She informed me that she’d never liked how I kissed, and that I needed to take lessons. I assumed she was just saying pointless things, but when I repeated the things she’d said to my best pal, he replied with, “Dude. Jillian said that too.”

Jillian was another ex-girlfriend. This made the accusation a little bit more painful. I couldn’t believe I’d been a bad kisser and no one ever told me. I’d been walking around with confidence in that department, but it got seriously shot down. I found Kissing 101 during one of my secret online searches and decided to give it a try. The price is very affordable, and apparently the information couldn’t hurt.

So, I purchased Kissing 101. The first thing I noticed was the illustrations – wow, what a wonderful way to make sure the point is understood. It made it so much easier for me to ‘get’ these tips. Also, I learned precisely what I’d been doing wrong all this time. In addition to being a bad kisser, it turned out I wasn’t very good at reading the body language of the girls I’d been kissing. I soaked up the information, eagerly awaiting my chances to test it out.

The time came when my ex-girlfriend came to get a box of her belongings from my apartment. She told me how she missed me and wished we could work things out. Bam. I laid one on her and used all the tips I’d gained from the Kissing 101 book. It started out innocently, but halfway through the kiss, she pulled back to stare at me, as if she had no idea where the new talent was coming from. Then, the kiss progressed and became much more than that.

What I didn’t expect was that she wouldn’t be able to stop kissing me. We are back together now, and it has become her favorite activity, it seems.  I highly recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t know how to kiss properly, anyone who has been told they’re not a good kisser, or anyone who has never kissed a girl and wants to make sure they get it right the first time. It has worked wonders .

Check out Kissing 101 today!

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