Friday, November 19, 2010

How to Make a Girl Kiss You

Kissing a girl is one thing, but receiving a kiss from a girl is another thing. In fact, men always would like to receive a kiss from the girl they are mad about but wonder how to do it. They do not understand how to approach that girl who they really care about and receive that kiss that will become the sweetest moment of their day. Receiving a kiss from a girl is not difficult, but is important that you know how to handle the situation which will make you a winner at the end. After all, getting a kiss from the girl you like is nothing less than a win.

Following the right techniques and tips will definitely help you to attain your goal of getting a kiss from your loved one. Girls like only well-kept and smart boys and if you are not clean enough, then kiss good bye to all your dreams of getting that kiss. Always appear clean and dress well in decent clothes but not too funky ones which will disturb your entire image. Chapped lips are a great put-off and your chances of getting a kiss with chapped lips drops to zero, so make sure that your lips are not chapped if you are expecting a hot kiss. Do not smoke when you are going to meet the girl because the smoke smell is a great disturbance. Remember to use mint and not gums to refresh your breath. Use a good deodorant but do not overuse it as then you will smell like a deodorant shop which is too strong for a girl. Always keep a good eye contact with your girl and be confident and always remember to take the first step.

When you have finished your first kiss, do not turn away at that instant, wipe her lower lips, look at her and smile your naughtiest smile and nudge her, if she would like to go in for a second one. 

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