Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kissing Techniques for Women

Love pours out in the form of kisses and there is no better feeling than kissing your loved one. The experience and moment of kissing will always be cherished by you and each time you kiss, you can show varying intensities of your passion. Never allow monotony to set in your kissing as this will also lead to monotony in your relationship. You cannot expect your relationship to grow if you do not improve on your kissing. You can make your kissing time better by following simple tips and techniques.

Woman likes to be kissed and admired and for her a kiss is more than a physical intimate gesture. In fact, she remembers her first kiss for the rest of our life and while her partner might forget about it, she can never forget the mind-blowing sensation which she felt during her first kiss. Always surprise your partner while kissing. Include newer techniques which will bestow her amazing pleasure of being unique and special and being the queen of your heart. A woman always needs to know whether she is the most important part of her lover’s life and your kisses can act as a way to make her understand that you truly care for her. A kiss cannot be well-planned all the time, spontaneous kisses has its own meaning in our lives, but when you try to give your partner a wonderful time, a kiss has its own place in your relationship. Always be clean and make sure you do not sweat when you are so close to your partner. Not only concentrate on her lips, surprise her by kissing on her neck and near her ear lobes and gently kiss even on her eyes and nose which will give a playful tone to your togetherness.

Playing with your tongue will also provide a new sensation during your kissing time but make sure you do not force feed your tongue into her mouth.

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