Thursday, August 19, 2010

Best Way to Kiss a Girl

We all feel that kiss is a natural instinct which is hidden in all of us but unfortunately that is not true. All of us have our own way of kissing and each of our requirements is different. Girls have their own special demands about kissing and to make your girlfriend or partner feel special, it is important to learn the best ways of kissing a girl. Unfortunately, men do not take kissing to be an important aspect but a girl can open up to a man by the way he kisses and can feel relaxed and at ease.

It is a shame that men do not want to or try to explore the fine art of kissing which is one of the major concerns of women. You need to make your girl comfortable and ready for your kiss and you can achieve this by gently stroking the skin around her neck and ears and you can play with her hair. Feeling special and loved makes a woman to open up and she also looks forward to the special moment. Make sure that you can activate her sensations which will kind of explode when you deliver that kiss. Stroking plays a pivotal role in this matter. Once you feel that you have made her ready for the kiss, caress her face and gently stroke her cheeks which makes her feel that you are slowly guiding her into you. When you face reach her, she will reach up to you or smile or close her eyes which confirms that she is ready for her magic kiss. At that time put your 90% emotions and the rest of the 10% efforts she will put in to make it an everlasting experience.

All women fantasize of how they want to be kissed so if you plan to make it more than a kiss with any woman, make sure that you make an amazing impression with your kiss. 

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