Friday, July 23, 2010

Kissing Advice

Kissing Advice

Although we all know that kissing is a natural instinct yet, we cannot expect us to be good kissers as soon as we start with it. Practice makes kissing better and better and it is important to understand your partner’s likes and dislikes which aids in making kissing a fruitful, relishing experience. Kissing is one of the initial factors which help in deciding if it is important to develop the relationship or not. In short, kissing can make or break a relationship. However, if the partners find that there is no compatibility during kissing then it leaves for both the partners to decide if they would like to keep the relationship or not.

Guys and girls have different notions regarding kissing and the body language of both of these people are different during kissing. A romantic kiss is all we look forward to at the end of the day and a beautiful kiss actually marks the beginning of a long relationship. Many a times you need not have to prepare yourself for the kiss because a spontaneous one can really add the spark in your relationship. However, a very personal intimate kiss which is performed in privacy can totally ignite the sparks in your relationship. Each of us needs a lot of practice before we get the tag of a good kisser. Also, remember that your wants and your partner’s want can be different. A passionate kiss does not mean you need to be rough and aggressive. An aggressive kiss will be liked at certain times; however, you can go for soft, sweet kisses and can prolong it for longer periods which can raise the intensity of your passion.

A kiss is the stepping-stone to a lasting relationship and you can certainly enjoy a great relationship by understanding the tricks of kissing and employing the same in your relationship. 

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