Friday, August 14, 2009

Kissing Games to Play - 7 Different Types of Kisses

A kiss can mean a million and one things, and in the same manner, there are different kinds of romantic kisses that you can try on your partner, just to keep things spiced up and exciting. Although there are really over 30 different kinds of romantic kisses, here are 10 of the most effective and intriguing kisses. Let's discuss 7 fun and tantalizing kissing games to play.  Are you ready? Let's begin.

Kiss 1 - Earlobe Kiss -

The ear is a very sensitive organ. Many girls get tickled and turned on because the ears are an erotic zone. You shouldn't make too much noise though when you kiss her here, for obvious reasons.

Kiss 2 - Finger Kiss -

You can kiss her fingers anywhere, any time, and this makes the finger kiss a great tool to use to keep interest and excitement high. Suck gently on her fingers while looking straight at her eyes.

Kiss 3 - Cheeky Kiss

This may sound like a kiss between friends, but a gentle brush against her soft cheek after an intense, sexy moment will culminate everything. It's like the cherry on top of the sundae. Women enjoy the moment after; they want to savor it, talk about it. Most men prefer not to. One way out of this situation for you to gently kiss her on the cheek. It's like telling her she's very special without having to use words.

Kiss 4 - Eye Kiss

Kissing her before she sleeps on the eyelid is a sensitive gesture. It's sweet. It's loving. Plus, it's also a great way to wake her up.

Kiss 5 - The Hickey

This kiss is a little tricky because you need to choose the right spot. She may want it, but she may not want it obvious. Also, a romantic hickey is not a hard, sucking kiss. Rather, it is a sexy kiss that should not hurt or bleed.

Kiss 6 - Lick and Nibble Kiss

Try tiny licks and nibbles at the lower lip. It's extremely erotic and teasing.

Kiss 7 - Kiss Anywhere Kiss

Not all kisses have to be in the face. Women have several other erotic zones that elicit amazing and tingling sensations. You could try the nape, her back, or the back of her knees.

Photo: Salvatore Vuono

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