Monday, July 19, 2010

Kissing Tips for Women

Who would not like a good kiss? A good kiss is something which you will remember for a long time and there is no appreciation of love better than a kiss. The love and warmth in a kiss cannot be found even in the warmth of a quilt and at the end of a tiresome day, we all look forward to that sweet kiss from our loved one. A special sentiment is attached to kissing by women. Women like to be kissed and would like to reciprocate the same affection to their partner as well. However, if a woman knows the right kissing tips, she can bestow the joy of a great kiss to her lover and can also derive great pleasure during the process.

People should take pride to be a good kisser and in order to be one, some preparations are required. Kisses can be spontaneous but when you really need to give an intimate kiss to your lover, make sure you are ready for the opportunity. Smelling good is one important thing, but make sure you do not block your partner’s nostrils with a whole bottle of perfume. There is a fine line between being tasteful and tacky and a light, aromatic scent would be the right one. Avoid strong perfumes as most of the people do not like to inhale heavy doses of perfume. Also make sure that you apply a light softly scented lotion in your skin and your skin is soft and smooth. 

Do not wear too much lip gloss as sometimes the unwanted sparkle acts as a turn-off. Keep your lips soft and supple with a light shine and if you are going in for the matt look, make sure that your lips are not chapped. Lip color is a must but do not go in for the deeper shades as men usually prefer lighter shades.

Kissing tips for a woman allows her to prepare for a good kissing time offering a good gift for her to experience and cherish.

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