Monday, July 12, 2010

The Art of Kissing - Different Types of Kisses

Just the thought of a kiss brings color to our face, because this sweet physical gesture is one of the simple ways of displaying our love to our soul mate. All of us feel that kissing is natural and it comes automatically to us. How wrong we are when we discover that it is not as easy as we think. There are plenty of complexities involved, and we keep thinking constantly: is our partner enjoying it to the same level that we are enjoying it? Is the love and passion wrapped in this small token the same on both sides? How can we make each kiss a better one?
 When you kiss the next time take a step back and think of how to enhance the intensity of the kiss to bring it to the next level of passion. A few tips before you kiss, always ensure that your lips are moist and when I say moist, please keep it that way and not wet, no one likes kissing a chapped or dry lip nor an overly moist one. Always start slow and don’t dive in to attack the other person’s tonsils. A small peck to start with and as the kiss intensifies a small caress with the tongue, fondle a little and the last would be to wrestle.
It is not always necessary that you have to take the lead, allow your partner to take the initiative and if you are really enjoying it, do not be scared to let out a sweet sigh or moan, your partner would only enjoy it more.
Always try to improvise; doing the same way everyday becomes a tiring, monotonous routine. Use the soft and rough side of your tongue to caress your partner’s tongue. Do not be scared to play with your tongue. While kissing, it is not just about the lips but allow your body to move and sway the way you please and the occasional caress and stroke also would just deepen the fervor. Never try to keep your arms still, use them to caress the other person which will make this intimate moment a real worthwhile one.

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